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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Telegu Actress Yamuna And Venugopal Arrested In National Sex Racket VIDEO

At BANGALORE The CCB raid on a five-star hotel, where a South Indian actor was arrested with two men on Thursday night.

Thursday night’s raid and said they had to collect more evidence about the racket, before making it public.

a CEO of a software company and one more man, portended to be a broker, were being held for alleged involvement in a prostitution racket during a raid.

Vice President-Business Development at Perrigo Film actress Yamuna, a Kannada actress Sukanya and the CEO of a software company, Venu were caught by the Bangalore police for allegedly involving in flesh trade in a five-star hotel in Bangalore last night.

In the raid, a total of nine persons were reportedly picked up from ITC Royal Gardenia on Vittal Malya road.

Watch Full Video :-

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