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Friday, February 04, 2011

View Full News On Controversy Remains After Priest's Confession Of Sexual Indiscretion During Exorcism

An increasingly shrill and sometimes threatening tide of Catholic online debate about the reasons for the sudden and unexpected Aug. 27, 2010 departure of Father Thomas Euteneuer from his post as president of Human Life International led to a flurry of official apologies, explanations and defenses of both Euteneuer’s past behavior as not only the superstar of the international pro-life movement, but also an exorcist for the Catholic Church.

Meanwhile, Paulson got off scot free. Not only was he never charged, he actually kept his winnings from betting that Abacus would fail -- which it did spectacularly. More miraculously still, the financial media now hail him as the Harvard-educated genius who so wisely bet against the housing bubble -- supposedly a cool head bucking against an irrational stampeding herd. But if Paulson was so insightful about the housing bubble, why did he need a near criminal conspiracy with Goldman Sachs to pocket a cool billion? Don't ask CNBC. Ask Tony Soprano.

Maybe to keep our sanity we'll just have to make peace with the idea that Wall Street can never be controlled, that our political system has been bought, and that we're in for generations of austerity. If so, people will start plugging their ears when they hear from crazies like me.

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