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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Egypt Protests Continue Overnight As Mubarak Supporters Attack ; Tahrir Square Gunfire

CAIRO -- Bursts of heavy gunfire are ringing out in Cairo's Tahrir Square, and a protest organizer says three anti-government demonstrators have been killed.

CNN has released video of the attack on Anderson Cooper and his crew in Cairo by supporters of President Hosni Mubarak. The video is extremely shaky, but Cooper and his crew are clearly under siege, and Cooper can be heard saying he's been hit, yelling "calm down" and talking to his camerawoman.

The Army had vowed it would not act against the people seeking an end to 30-years of dictatorship by Mubarak, but witnesses said soldiers stood by and allowed pro-Mubarak forces into Tahir Square, where they attacked the activists.

The unrest has left about 300 people dead across the country over more than a week, according to UN estimates. Cairo's Tahrir Square has been the main focus of the protests. There are reports early on Thursday that supporters of President Mubarak have been firing on people in the square from the October Bridge, with unknown numbers wounded. The US State Department has urged all Americans in Egypt who wish to leave to go to airports "immediately", adding that delay was "not advisable". "Additional US government flights after Thursday are unlikely," the State Department added. Continue reading the main story.

1 comment:

Mohannad Faried said...

i happen to be an Egyptian,
I'm not pro-government,
and actually have had ppl i know shot down, and have participated in the protests, and have been to Tahrir Sq. and have stood watch at night for fear of the "rumors" our government is spreading,
and i would like to say i DESPISE the editing of this video, you show Cairo as some kind of war zone, which it is not, things are tense all right, but mostly other than Tahrier square and the banks being closed for fear of robbery nothing much is happening,
Egypt is NOT in anyway even remotely comparable to any other place in the middle east,
Blood is not cheap,
go dig somewhere else,
if you have ever been here, and experienced us in anyway then you would understand this "mish naaseenak ya rouh oummak"


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