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Thursday, January 27, 2011

LIVE Updates From Egypt Protests : Mubarak Protestors Fill Cairo's Streets

CAIRO (AP) – Egyptian anti-administration activists pelted police with firebombs and rocks in a second day of clashes Wednesday in defiance of an official ban on any protests.

The burning building is the police Head Quarters. This was done in response to several killings by the police of Protesters. I have footage of 1 death as soon as I can get a name for him I will put the video up on line

Political reform campaigner Mohamed ElBaradei, who lives in Vienna, is expected to return to the country today. He said he is going back to Cairo "and back onto the streets because, really, there is no choice".

The US has indicated a possible toughening in its stance towards its ally Mubarak. Hillary Clinton still did not criticise his government directly but said "it's possible for there to be reforms and that is what we are urging and calling for".

when tens of thousands turned out for the largest protests in Egypt in years -- inspired by the uprising in Tunisia. They demanded Mubarak's ouster and a solution to grinding poverty, rising prices and high unemployment.

1 comment:

sidhe2012 said...

I thought I should let you know that 3 videos that link to this site, and have been uploaded within the last hour have been taken off YouTube for TOS violation.


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