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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australian Open: Roger Federer Beats By Novak Djokovic To Reach Final

Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic Online. Watch Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic Live Stream Online on Thursday, 27 January 2011 at 08:30 GMT (03:30 am EST) for the Australian Open Semi Final at Arena Rod Lave. Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer for free online live stream video will be available here a few minutes before the game.

His 7-6 (7-3), 7-5, 6-4 demolition of Federer in the first semi-final today was the sort of performance that announces a new era; this, Djokovic's passage to his fourth grand slam final, might have been Federer beating Pete Sampras at Wimbledon in 2001. We will see.

Federer looked troubled, irritable and mortal as he whinged and fretted about Djokovic, no stranger to the vapours. It took exactly three hours; to Federer, the defending champion with nothing left to defend, it must have seemed like a life sentence.

The Serb knew the price and value of small moments every bit as well as Federer. And, when it mattered, the younger man was too sharp, too intense, too good for the champion.

It will take a mighty performance to stop Djokovic winning this Australian Open. Murray might almost have preferred Federer – and what does that say about the order of things?

Federer equalled Agassi’s record last year when he defeated Andy Murray to clinch his fourth title at Melbourne Park. Federer vs Djokovic will be an awesome match, definitively, and you can’t miss it!

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