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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Clemens e-mail threatens informants with 'his people'

WASHINGTON -- Strength coach Brian McNamee said he felt "creepy" injecting Roger Clemens' wife Debbie with human growth hormone at Clemens' Houston home in 2003.

And when a government investigation turned up the heat in 2006, a testy e-mail exchange between Clemens and McNamee ensued.

Jurors saw a copy of an e-mail from Rocket22 (Clemens) threatening to send "his people" after anyone who would rat him out to authorities. McNamee assured Clemens he would not flip but would "hop on a plane, find you and slap you very hard" if he was implicated.

McNamee, who could be the government's only witness to say he saw Roger Clemens use performance-enhancing drugs, resumed his testimony Tuesday, saying he injected the seven-time Cy Young Award winner with HGH "10 to 20 times" during the 2000 season alone.

I didn't feel comfortable bending down in front of my friend's wife," McNamee said. "It didn't feel normal or right. Part of me asked, 'Why couldn't Roger do this? He's seen how I do it enough times. … Debbie looked at Roger and said, 'I can't believe you're going to let him do this to me.' But I was just doing what he asked."

McNamee said Clemens retained him as his personal trainer and paid him $5,000 per month after he was fired by the New York Yankees as an assistant strength coach following the 2001 season.

McNamee, under questioning from prosecuting attorney Daniel Butler, said that in 2001 he retrieved and saved medical waste from Clemens' New York apartment, where injections often took place.

McNamee said he saved some medical waste at his home in response to his wife Eileen's protests that he could become the fall guy if Clemens was caught. "You're going to go down. You're going to go down," McNamee said his wife warned him.

On Monday, McNamee testified that he injected Clemens with steroids when he was a member of the Blue Jays in 1998. In 2000, with both men employed by the Yankees, McNamee said Clemens told him: "I'm ready to start up again."

McNamee said he approached Kirk Radomski in late June or early July to supply what Clemens needed. "I asked (Radomski) if he had stuff starting pitchers would take. He said HGH was the latest and greatest product," McNamee said. McNamee says he knew Radomski could supply what Clemens needed and knew Radomski "through David Segui," a former Blue Jays player.

McNamee said he met Radomski in a bank parking lot to obtain the performance enhancers, brought them to Yankee Stadium and placed them under clothing in Clemens' locker. Clemens then asked to be injected in his apartment that night.

In addition to administering injections in Clemens' bedroom, McNamee said injections took place near the Jacuzzi in the Yankees clubhouse and on the road. In one case, when McNamee said he did not have the necessary rubbing alcohol, he said Clemens got the hotel manager to open the gift shop.

McNamee testified that he injected Clemens with "6 to 10" shots of testosterone and "10 to 20" shots of HGH during the Yankees' 2000 championship season.

McNamee said he retrieved a crumpled beer can from under Clemens' sink and stuffed into it the medical waste -- ampoules, needles, cotton balls -- that he brought home, placed in a FedEx box he labeled "Clem" and stored in a cedar closet. He said that in 2002, he added pills and needle tips that Clemens asked him to dispose of, to the same box in the closet.

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