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Friday, May 04, 2012

'Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer 2: Peter Parker Has Friendly Neighborhood Daddy Issues

The second trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man" has swooped online, and if you were expecting something as dark and epic as that "Dark Knight Rises" trailer ... you're in luck? This thing looks dark, y'all -- and not just because it actually looks dark. Did Marc Webb shoot 78 percent of "The Amazing Spider-Man" at night?

Ponder that while listening to Peter Parker's opening voiceover about uneasy lives, powerful enemies and parental truth-finding, which Andrew Garfield recites with appropriately somber superhero tones. Such is the plot of "The Amazing Spider-Man": your friendly neighborhood Spider-man must find out the mystery behind why his father (Campbell Scott) abandoned him at a young age, while simultaneously combating the NYPD and the villainous Lizard (Rhys Ifans). Thank goodness, then, for Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), who's there to mend his many wounds.

The new trailer offers tons more new footage than previous "Spider-Man" clips -- marvel at those set pieces! -- which is a double-edged sword: it's the best "Amazing Spider-Man" trailer yet, but seems to give away the milk for free.

Starring Garfield, Stone, Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Denis Leary, "The Amazing Spider-Man" hits theaters on July 3.

Check out the trailer in HD by heading over to Apple.

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