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Monday, February 07, 2011

2011 best superbowl commercials

101 commercials aired this year and I am sure you watched the majority of them if you watched the game. The majority of them as usual were specially produced for the big day and of course the best are always the ones that make you pee yourself a little bit. Of course 2011 brought on some hilarious ones and as always it makes it impossibly hard to choose all the favorites.

The Best: I couldn't get enough of Audi's Old Luxury Prison ad. Everything great about Super Bowl commercials was put to full use here: A hilarious, inventive crushed-velvet-jail set; enormous production values; and a cinematic chase scene that was blocked much better than the average Michael Bay chase scene.

The Doritos first place winners of the "Crash the Super Bowl" contest are Doritos "Pug Attack" video, and Pepsi Max's "Love Hurts" video.


Christina Aguilera says she got lost in the power of the National Anthem while performing the song at the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Reviews are mixed, but most find the Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl half time performance to be pretty lackluster. With the exception of the field dancers in their Tron-esque costumes being pretty cool, the songs and the sound were just bad, bad, bad all around.

The Super Bowl is known for its commercials, but while a new Doritos ad can be hilarious, it isn't exactly news.

Though Slash's drop-in was a thrilling highlight, Usher's energetic, dynamic performance of "OMG" drove home just what a spectacular song it was. Full of jittery dance beats, a subtly shifting groove and one of Usher's most unusual (but excellent) vocal performances, "OMG" not only dominated pop radio in 2010 but continues to resonate in 2011 as a highly influential track

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Bill said...

Was looking for more Superbowl ad commentary


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