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Monday, January 31, 2011

Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2011 Results and Winners

WWE Royal Rumble: Alberto Del Rio Fulfills His "Destiny"

EDGE retained the World Heavyweight Championship over Dolph Ziggler via CHICANERY!
THE MIZ retained the WWE Championship over Randy Orton via CM PUNK's GO 2 SLEEP!
EVE wins the WWE Divas Championship after pinning Layla in a DIVA FATAL FOUR WAY via a MOONSAULT!
ALBERTO DEL RIO wins the BIGGEST ROYAL RUMBLE EVER after eliminating Santino.

At last night's WWE Royal Rumble, Alberto Del Rio made good on his word and earned the right to fight for either the WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship at the biggest WWE show of the year, WrestleMania

40-man Royal Rumble Results Details
1. CM Punk (eliminated by John Cena)
2. Daniel Bryan (eliminated by CM Punk and Nexus)
3. Justin Gabriel (eliminated by Daniel Bryan)
4. Zack Ryder (eliminated by Daniel Bryan)
5. William Regal (eliminated by Ted DiBiase)
6. Ted DiBiase (eliminated by Harris and McGillicutty)
7. John Morrison (eliminated by CM Punk and Nexus)
8. Yoshi Tatsu (eliminated by Mark Henry)
9. Husky Harris (eliminated by The Great Khali)
10. Chavo Guerrero (eliminated by Mark Henry)
11. Mark Henry (eliminated by CM Punk and Nexus)
12. JTG (eliminated by Michael McGillicutty)
13. Michael McGillicutty (eliminated by John Cena)
14. Chris Masters (eliminated by CM Punk and Nexus)
15. David Otunga (eliminated by John Cena)
16. Tyler Reks (eliminated by CM Punk)
17. Vladimir Kozlov (eliminated by CM Punk)
18. R-Truth (eliminated by CM Punk)
19. The Great Khali (eliminated by Mason Ryan)
20. Mason Ryan (eliminated by John Cena)
21. Booker T (eliminated by Mason Ryan)
22. John Cena (eliminated by Alex Riley and The Miz)
23. Hornswoggle (eliminated by Sheamus)
24. Tyson Kidd (eliminated by John Cena)
25. Heath Slater (eliminated by John Cena)
26. Kofi Kingston (eliminated by Randy Orton)
27. Jack Swagger (eliminated by Rey Mysterio)
28. Sheamus (eliminated by Randy Orton)
29. Rey Mysterio (eliminated by Wade Barrett)
30. Wade Barrett (eliminated by Randy Orton)
31. Dolph Ziggler (eliminated by The Big Show)
32. Diesel (eliminated by Wade Barrett)
33. Drew McIntyre (eliminated by The Big Show)
34. Alex Riley (eliminated off screen)
35. The Big Show (eliminated by Ezekiel Jackson)
36. Ezekiel Jackson (eliminated by Kane)
37. Santino Marella (eliminated last, by Alberto Del Rio)
38. Alberto Del Rio (winner)
39. Randy Orton (eliminated by Alberto Del Rio)
40. Kane (eliminated by Rey Mysterio)

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