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Friday, November 12, 2010

Asian Games 2010 - Opening Ceremony

Showbiz takes centre stage. Pop singers belt out a song, a popular one, going by the crowd's response.

An aerial view, and it all becomes clear. A multitude has, on the surface of the river, formed the flame and star of the Asian Games logo. What seemed like colouful running around was a spectacular formation in progress. As a great man once said, your viewpoint determines your point of view!

More from Ananth Krishnan - If viewers are wondering why the emphasis on water in tonight’s spectacular show, Guangzhou is China’s “water city.” Canton, as it was once known, is one of China’s oldest port cities. Its identity as a port has come to define the city’s history – so much so that the people are also known for being among the most open and progressive in China given their long contact with the rest of the world. Hundreds of waterways run through the city, so water occupies a special space in urban life.

At 2000 local time (1730 IST), on both sides of the Pearl River, the opening ceremony will begin and there is talk that this will be something even more pulsating than what Beijing had to show to the world at the Olympics in 2008.

Five planes and 1,000 rockets are ready to dispel rain clouds that might interrupt the ceremony. But the evening's forecast said weather conditions are good and the measures are unlikely to be needed.

China is leaving no stone unturned to showcase its sporting hegemony as it poured in billions of dollars for this extravaganza to herald the most ambitious Asiad so far with more than 14,000 athletes and officials from 45 countries and territories taking part.

Security is a main concern, with more than 100,000 police officers on duty to keep the Games safe, and they are being backed by thousands of security guards and volunteers.

''The security panel has adopted effective and necessary measures to ensure a safe Games. We have done our best to provide a safe and favorable environment for athletes, coaches, officials and audiences,'' a statement from the Games security commission said.

The organisers also announced that people will not be allowed to carry vuvuzela in or around stadia.

Furthermore, residents in several communities near Haixinsha Island have been temporarily removed from homes during the gala evening for security concerns.

According to the sources, authorities paid every person who had to move for the night 300 yuan in compensa..

Pre-show warm up performances, programs including interactive dance, cheer gymnastics, Asian Game songs performance. This part will last about 50 minutes.

20:00: Opening ceremony countdown, the entry of People’s Republic of China national flag carried in a procession and followed by flag-hoisting ceremony.

20:06, Opening ceremony starts with artistic program “set sail” . Programs are arranged as Overture, Chapter I “the Land Water” and “the Ship of Ocean”, Chapter II “the Sail on Clouds ,” and Chapter III “An Invitation from Flower City”. Around 20:52, there will be a special program – “Green one minute,” City Behavior Art, a green program participated and completed together with the live performers, audience, city lighting, and Guangzhou citizens. The performances will last about 1 hour.

Ceremonial program begins with athletes entering the stadium, followed by the entry of OCA flag. Meanwhile, the theme song will be performed (HJ should be attending this program). Afterward, the flame will be carried into the areana, and light the torch tower. The opening ceremony will end in around 23:00. The total length is estimated about 1 hour and 45 minutes

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