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Friday, October 01, 2010

Messi receives Golden Boot Award la Bota de Oro

  • Messi, the second Argentine to win the “Golden Boot

  • The personal awards keep coming for Leo Messi. In a ceremony this evening in Barcelona Messi received the Golden Boot award as last season's top scorer in Europe. Messi's 34 goals in La Liga made him a clear winner ahead of Chelsea's Didier Drogba and Udinese's Antonio Di Natale who both bagged 29.

    Messi scored 34 goals last season, 5 more than Drogba (Chelsea) and Di Natale (Udinese), although one less than the Uruguayan Luis Suarez (Ajax).

    As earliers rummers was correct : Messi will be officially presented with the award at a ceremony on September 30 at 19.15 in the old Estrella Damm factory in Barcelona.

    Lionel Messi was presented with the trophy for being the top scorer in European leagues.

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