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Sunday, October 10, 2010

India Vs Pakistan Hockey Full Score Card Highlights

Highlights from the India vs. Pakistan hockey match in the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. by Geeta Anand "India, India, India" with three claps in between

The most important game of the hockey series in the Commonwealth Games 2010 will see India take on Pakistan at the Commonwealth Games 2010.

The Commonwealth Games 2010 hockey tournament is shown live on Doordarshan or DD Sports on 10 October 2010 at 19:00 IST. You can also watch the highlights of the India v Pakistan hockey game at Commonwealth Games 2010 on the same channel

6:57 pm
India 2, Pakistan 0. Only about 12 minutes played.

7:19 pm
Only 21 minutes into the game and India is ahead 4-0. No other game has had one team ahead so fast so far this games. Chalk is up to the crowd!

7:13 pm
Pakistan converts their penalty stroke. Score now reads India 4, Pakistan 1 in the frist half.

7:44 pm GOAL
First half score: India 4, Pakistan 2

7:52 pm GOAL
Goal number five for India from a penalty corner conversion. 5-2

7:56 pm
Good save from the Pakistan goalkeeper. Score: India 6, Pakistan 2

8:14 pm GOAL
Goal! Pakistan converts their penalty corner. Score: India 6, Pakistan 3

8:11 pm GOAL by Anirban Roy
Goaaallll!!! India's Shivendra Singh scores a field goal. Score: India 7, Pakistan 3

8:08 pm GOAL
Goal! Pakistan score their fourth of the match. Score: India 7, Pakistan 4

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