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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Watch Shane Mosley vs Sergio Mora Highlights 18 September 2010

Sugar Shane has won world boxing titles in three weight classes and has fought with the best, earning him a 46-6-1 No-contest record with 39 knockouts.

MAIN EVENT - MIDDLEWEIGHTS - 12 ROUNDS Shane Mosley vs. Sergio Mora

  • Mosley: 154 lbs
  • Mora: 157 lbs


  • Alvarez: 150.5 lbs
  • Baldomir: 153.5 lbs

WELTERWEIGHTS - 10 ROUNDS Victor Ortiz vs. Vivian Harris

  • Ortiz: 142 lbs
  • Harris: 142 lbs

WBO FEATHERWEIGHT ELIMINATOR - 12 ROUNDS Daniel Ponce De Leon vs. Antonio Escalante

  • Ponce De Leon: 125.75 lbs
  • Escalante: 126 lbs

Mosley : wants to complete the his KO’S up top 39 to 40 he has made 39 boxers KO and he lose only five matches this match is going to be the boxing match of the week.

Mora : Well this man was looking to win the match he was the player who will going to beat the Mosley in this match watch all the action live from this boxing match.


The Mosley vs Mora ended up in 11 rounds with shocking results of the match 115-113 Mora, 116-112 Mosley and 114-114, thus judge Lou Moret declaring the match in a draw.

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My Sports Website said...

Sergio Mora vs Shane Mosley Replay Video Highlights Download September 18 2010. Shane Mosley faces Sergio Mora this Saturday, September 18, in a light middleweight bout in honor of the 200th anniversary of Mexican Independence Day.


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