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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rutgers freshman committed Suicide - FULL VIDEO

Tyler Clementi's family says Rutgers freshman committed Suicide after Video of Sexual Encounter - FULL VIDEO.

One of Tyler's friends, Courtney Ayukawa, posted to the group's wall, "I will always remember everything from our preschool's Halloween party to your amazing musical talents. When you picked up the violin and began to play, it was as if everything just paused until you put it down again. We will never forget you Tyler. May you rest in peace."


♥ Kathy said...

This is just heartbreaking. I don't understand why people can't let other people be themselves. This boy wasn't hurting anyone and now his life and talent is gone. So sad.

ChristianitySurvivor said...

Once again I wake up to the reality of how cruel the world can be. As a gay man, I too have experienced discrimination and bias against me. I was taught to hate myself, become self-loathing and learned shame and embarrassment for who I am by family, friends and so called Christians. No matter how hard I tried it was not possible to be something I am not. I can empathize with Tyler, and know the pain and suffering he felt. Then on that special day when his soul connected to another human being is shown streaming on the Internet. A private personal moment when who he was and what love was to him was a celebration of life itself. For a brief moment he was safe in the arms of another of his kind. It all ended tragically and unexpectedly at the hands of two of his classmates.

To Tyler's parents, I reach out and say how sorry I am that you lost your son and prayer that he finds the peace he was not granted on earth. We are all to blame for this crime, those who did, and those who did nothing. Will humanity ever really be humane?
God Bless Tyler and bring him eternal peace , love and acceptance.

Anonymous said...

Kathy: Nowhere did it say that he was harassed for being gay. While what the guy and girl did were demonic, cruel, and senseless, and they should be punished harshly for it, there is no evidence that it's connected to Tyler's homosexuality. So far, all we can do is punish what we can prove.

ChristianitySurvivor, excuse me, but who exactly said that this was some spiritual experience for Tyler? You're exaggerating the situation; so far, all we can see is that it was a hook up, not some "special celebration, security" thing.

In the end, Tyler made the conscious decision to kill himself. He was not murdered, he was not driven to this death. We all have moments where we want to end our lives, all of us. When someone actually does, it's easy to feel anger. However, it's taking it too far by inventing motives and putting the blame on those who had nothing to do with the suicide itself.

But that's America for you...always wanting blood.


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