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Friday, October 02, 2009


Love For The Spiritual And Love For The Physical

Love is of two kinds. One is physical and man-made and the other is spiritual or divine. Physical love is the love of worldly people who re continually tied to the world and its objects. Divine love is that of the devotee of the lord, and it establishes a permanent connection with GOD.
The physical kind of love is of two types. One is that love which is caused by some special action, quality or circumstance associated with an object or a person.
A person may be a good artist or painter. someone else may love him because he may be able to make use of his art by getting from him a beautifully painted picture or an artistically illustrated book. His love is based on this one purpose alone, and as soon as that purpose is fulfilled, his object being attained, his love for the artist is gone. This shows that his love was of a selfish in nature and was not for the painter or the artist.

Love And Attachment

Love is not attachment. There is a vast difference between the two. In attachment one is entangled with his body, wife, children, relatives, religion, caste and country. In other words, one has a feeling of in difference or estrangement regarding everything that is not related to his attachments. Attachment is finite,and a person in that state cannot be guided by real knowledge.

Love And Beauty

Physical beauty is subject to destruction, but true love or real attraction never perishes. Beauty may perish, and even good works may cease. Graceful actions and attractive deportment may be no more, and even the beautiful face may vanish ; but true love lives so long as the lover is alive.

Love And Lust

Love is not the name for sensual desires, in which there is a preponderance of lust. The expression of love that is produced as a result of physical attractions is not the true from of love. Rather, it is the cause of one's fall in the eyes of GOD

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