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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Ritual of Marriage

The Ritual of Marriage

Marriages have very recognizable custom. For most of us, when we say the word marriage - the common traditions rise to mind. Customs like the pallid dress, the marriage cake, the attendants, the rings, the flowers and even the feast coupled with the toasts. We know these traditions, these customs - these peculiarities of our people.

It doesn't matter what the trappings are or the ornaments that we are using, marriages are special since the bride and the groom are making an enormous commitment to their future while honoring their past. It is a occasion when the family tree are tended with love and kindness.

Understanding the tradition of marriage needs only seems to the long-ago. In that distant pasture of green we will see the rural town or rural community .We will see the courtship that occurs between the prospective bride and groom conducted under the firm eye of the family elders or matchmakers. We will see the arrangements take middle phase as the families plan to amuse and feed their guests.

In this green rustic past that we see through our rose-colored glasses glinting. Their families knew each other, even if only in passing, for years. Friends and family came from extreme thirty miles, often times on foot, to attend the celebration.

Little Has Chang

They arrive from some distant because the marriage party would last for two or three days. It was a time to welcome the accumulation of a new branch to the tree while at the same time; renewed acquaintances might lead to another wedding down the road.Little has changed since that rustic time. Granted, our weddings don't usually have 3 day long

festivities that follow them where the work life is suspended, but we do often travel to these weddings and we do enjoy seeing family members we might not otherwise have seen. In that - very little has changed.

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