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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Marriage and sex goes hand in hand or we can say one leads to the other. As years go by, a couple's sex life starts becoming tedious. They start loosing interest in each other. They get caught up in the mundane nitty gritties of life.
After marriage(normal views) sex life is pretty good until the kids came along. we think if people go into a marriage with common interests other than sex, the relationship lasts longer. Sex has a lot to do with being with each other and it's not just about 'intercourse,' as we perceive it to be".

However, sex doesn't have to get boring with the passage of time. The mantra is to show your partner how you feel, instead of being frustrated and dropping hints about your deepest desires.It's just a matter of finding the right key

Before the wedding you thought the wedding stress was making you less horney, but you aren't sure what the problem is now. You used to love having sex...will the sex drive decrease with age? How could wedding affect the sex life? sometimes you have only been interested in guys before, but now you dont get as horney...(after wedding)

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