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Monday, September 07, 2009

Indian weddings sound volumes of the rich culture, heritage of the country. In Hindu religion a wedding is an important religious ceremony. It is attachment of two families . Generally, the marriage ceremonies take place at an open space, under a decorated canopy called Mandap Every region follows its own traditions for the wedding.
  • Indian Marriage Ceremony
The ceremonies practiced are essentially - pre wedding customs, wedding day ceremony and post wedding rituals. The rituals and customs performed in each of the three phases have a deep significance and meaning. The pre wedding celebrations mainly includes engagement, sangeet, mehendi, haldi and tilak. . Hindu wedding is the seven rounds taken together, around the sacred fire, by the bride and the groom, while the seven vows or promise are read by the priest.
The bride and the bride groom take the vows before God, symbolized by fire and light. These seven promises taken together by the bride and groom build's the foundation of their relationship and marriage. It speaks of the loyalty, love, and commitment they would eventually share in their married life. Thereafter, post wedding ceremonies are performed, which mostly include vidaai and reception. The bride takes leave from her family members and takes her step towards her husband's house. There are a number of ceremonies that are performed, right from welcoming the new bride to playing games and making merry.According to Hindu Sastra there are four stages of life, of which Grahastha Ashram or married life signifies the second stage.

.A Hindu marriage symbolizes not just coming together of two individuals, but also the bonding of understanding, commitment, mutual love, oneness and spiritual growth. Traditionally, Hindu marriage is much more than just celebration and fun.

  • On entering home

"Enter with your right foot. Do not remain outside."

The bride enters the home placing the right foot - considered auspicious, first.

When the bride and the groom enter the groom's house, the mother of the groom welcomes the bride by doing an aarati.

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